Another discovery at the gallery this week

Many years ago I acquired two prints showing two of the famous architectural features of the beautiful town of Blois, France.

I spotted these two prints for sale here in Tynemouth in the North East of England.  It was only a few days after I’d come back from a trip to France and a visit to Blois.  It was a remarkable coincidence and – of course –  I just had to buy them.
They are very decorative but I’d always assumed they were plates from a book.
However, this week the glass in one of the frames got broken and on dismantling the frame I discovered (much to my delight) that they are in fact the real deal – hand-coloured etchings, signed and titled by the artist Léopold Robin (1877-1939).

Robin’s signature and the titles had been hidden by the old mounts and are now revealed.

I will treat them with a bit more respect now!


Léopold Robin - Château de Blois

Stage 1

Removing the broken frame glass reveals the secret of the prints of Blois

Léopold Robin - Château de Blois

Stage 2

Preparing to remove the mount board of the framed print of Blois

Title and signature revealed behind the old mount

Stage 3

Hidden behind the old mount – the title of the etching is inscribed in pencil along with the signature of Léopold Robin

Léopold Robin - Château de Blois

Stage 4

The full etching is finally revealed in all its original glory.

Léopold ROBIN Porte Louis XI at The Château de Blois Porte Louis XII

Porte Louis XII

Examining the second etching of the pair also revealed a title and signature previously hidden behind the old mount – Porte Louis XII at the Château de Blois.